Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ankara Street Style Edition: The Angola Trench Jacket

Good day beautiful people

With winter finally gone
Spring comes baring beautiful outfits for me to share. Despite the fact I'm a December baby I despise the cold weather and I'm not a fan of boots and scarfs. Which explains my seasonal hiatus from blogging.  So stay tuned for a lot of colors and bold patterns.

I wanted a printed trench coat that had lots of colors which allowed me to dress it up or down.
While shopping for fabric, this number really stuck out to me.
 After posting a sneak peak I was told this material was originally from from the country of 
Angola. Since then I've seen lots of different styles from different fashion enthusiasts and how they styled this beautiful fabric.

Top: Zara| Pants: Target| Shoes: Forever 21| Jacket: Designed by me 
Photos by Harry Ondoa

Friday, January 30, 2015

Marley Hair Wig


What the heck happened?!?!?!!

I know a lot of you that are familiar with the blog are thinking what the heck happened to all the post?!?!?!?!

Well to make a long story short. I logged on one evening to create a post and all of my pictures since 2011 just vanished!!!

I contacted Google (whom I have not heard from as of yet) I also did some research to see if this had happened to anyone else. 
So what I found out was that since Google now owned Blogger, Picasa, and started Google Plus all the photos went to Picasa to be stored. When I brought my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I deleted that Picasa album, now causing me to loose out on all my blog post pictures forever. 
So I didn't want to just have Incomplete post, I deleted everything and decided a fresh start would be nice!

Always find a way to turn a negative into a positive!!